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Hey. I'm Liam

I'm a Fullstack Developer

But my mom always cleaned my room

so I design a little too



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I had the unique burden of really supportive parents, you know how artists can be. So I spent most of my adolescence juggling fantasies about being Indiana Jones or Michael Jackson. Naturally, I received my Bachelors in Anthropology and I went on to play some music in bands for most of my twenties. We opened up for a couple national acts, kinda cool. We even put a bunch of our music on TV too. Kinda tight. Then we did the legal battle thing. Not super tight.

Scene swipe, as the sun began to set on my twenties, I pulled an audible. Short story is I got into coding. It forced me to understand systems more clearly than ever before. I think it actually made me a better person too but the jury's not exactly out on that one. Straight up, I love programming. It's the perfect union between technical proficiency and creative intuition and that works for me. Let's make it work for you.

I run a Web Development and Design Boutique. It's tight.

Need a web site, branding or redesign?


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University of Minnesota

Epicodus (Portland, OR)

FlatIron Community Powered Bootcamp (NYC)

StartUp Institute (NYC)

General Assembly (NYC)

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Gotham Glass

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